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meaning and history; where your family lived in the u.s. and u.k.; average life expectancy; when ...

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the meaning and history of surnames, also called last names or family names, as well as famous bearers and usage statistics.
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he shared his family name with most family members. a surname or family name is a name added to a given name. in many cases, a surname is a family name and many dictionaries define "surname" as a synonym of "family name".
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how much do you really know about your family name? discover the meaning and origin of your surname, and share comments with those who share your ...

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find the meaning of your last name in this online dictionary of family names of britain, france, and germany.
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a surname is part of a personal name that is passed from either or both parents to ...

surnames and family names have arisen throughout history as civilisations ...

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. family name = last name
last name meaning and family history with family coat of arms
what is the last name meaning and family coat of arms of my family history is a common question. this attractive print here shows a combination of what your ...

surname database: last name origins
a database of 50000 surname meanings, containing information on the last name origins and the surnames earliest recordings.
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jun 13, 2011 - what is the difference between the three terms: surname, family name and last name? do they mean the same? or are there any particular ...

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